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March 3, 2019

classic lincoln memorial engagement session || brooke + jeff || washington, d.c.


i’ve said it before, and i’ll say it again: we have the greatest clients in the world. it’s such a funny thing, to be introduced to a couple over the phone or e-mail, have a few excited conversations regarding style and logistics, and then show up in person and photograph one of the most intimate and exciting times in their lives. despite potential for uncomfortable moments, we somehow show up for a washington d.c. engagement session and have so much fun. every single time. as a washington, d.c. wedding photographer and videographer, there’s really nothing better than that!

and brooke and jeff were no exception to this. after chatting with brooke on the phone about her fall city winery wedding in d.c., i instantly knew that they’d be a great part of the anna + mateo family. brooke spoke with such genuine excitement about the prospect of getting married and sharing the day with those she cared about.

so when i met up with them on a chilly fall morning, i wasn’t surprised to find that she and jeff are just as lovely in person (and at 7 a.m., to boot!). they chose the lincoln memorial as the backdrop for their d.c. engagement session, which is a d.c. classic and one of my favorite backdrops to play around with. since we were there so early, we beat most of the crowds and were able to enjoy sunrise behind the washington monument.

 we had a great time wandering around the monument, and i loved hearing about their backgrounds, relationship, and wedding plans. they picked the perfect combination of outfits: a more formal combination and then casual attire. brooke looked amazing, and her bright red dress popped against the marble so well! her mauve jacket is also a stunner.

we’re over here already counting down the days until october fifth to get to work with these two again! but until then, enjoy these classic washington, d.c. engagement photos…

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thanks for letting us tell some of your love story!

anna + mateo


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