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October 26, 2018

an intimate, windswept elopement in germany || römermuseum wedding || steph + max


one of the most amazing parts of our job has been connecting with couples who share our some interest, values, and similar stories. as destination wedding photographers and filmmakers, we’re not only fascinated by culture, wanderlust-obsessed, and smitten with the world’s scenery. so much of our personal family history is entrenched in travel, as well!

mateo and i come from two completely separate worlds; we met while i was living abroad and working in his hometown in northern peru. when we met and started dating, we never imagined the path we’d end up taking or where life would take us. but after a wedding, loots of immigration paperwork, some college degrees, a house, a business, and a baby (!!!) later, we love the life we have built.

as we continue to work and blend our cultures and worlds, it’s been incredible to meet other couples who have similar backgrounds! we really cannot believe how many of our clients have international love stories or are blending cultures in both their wedding ceremonies and marriages!

and stephanie and max are no exception. stephanie is from the united states, and max lives in germany. after years of a long-distance relationship, they decided to officially unite their worlds and were wed in a simple and sweet germany elopement ceremony in the charming, quaint town of homburg.

they hosted their elopement at the beautiful, historical römermuseum, sharing their vows in both german and english in the gorgeous gardens. after their ceremony, we strolled through the gardens, snapping photos and filming along the way. and then we bid them adieu, as they met with a few close family members and friends for a traditional german meal.

these two are such a kind pair! they showered us with local gifts from homburg when we arrived, and they were so lovely to work with. i loved stephanie’s unique gown with the attached cape, and her lindsay marie design hairpiece was the perfect finishing touch! wild hearts calligraphy commissioned the most beautiful invitation suite as well– so classy and perfect for a destination wedding! all of these details, combined with an organic, garden bouquet and incredible scenery, made for a wonderful afternoon!

after shooting this wedding, we immediately made our way through paris to southern spain to photograph another destination event– a gorgeous marbella wedding at the gran hotel guadalpin banus — and may or may not have had a few (too many!) travel mishaps along the way. but that’s a tale for another day 😉 for now, enjoy these lovely photos and the incredible aerial views of the german countryside in their short film.

be sure to watch alllll the way to the end; the footage of them walking through the gardens from above is just the sweetest!


anna + mateo

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