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October 5, 2018

top baltimore wedding venues


when we moved to maryland four and a half years ago and officially became maryland wedding photographers and filmmakers, we knew very little about the region and its wedding industry! we knew that people loved to tell us horror stories about living in baltimore. We knew that weddings would inevitably be different than they were in colorado. we knew that we’d be close to d.c., close to water, and that we didn’t really know much more than that!

fast forward a few years (and a move a bit south to the d.c. border), and we love life in maryland. having the chance to film and photograph weddings in maryland, d.c., and virginia has been so incredible. we have learned to love crab cakes, old bay, and being called “hon,” and we loveĀ the wedding style and venues we have had the chance to work at!

while there’s such amazing diversity in venues from the wineries of northern virginia to historic estates in d.c. to bayside bungalows on the eastern shore, today we’re focusing on sharing our favorite baltimore wedding venues with you!

this list is in no way all-inclusive, but it would be impossible to share all of the incredible wedding venues in baltimore with you, so we’ll start with these!

winslow room
this new wedding venue in baltimore is so unique. because it is a refurbished factory, it has amazing brick walls and industrial charm and is a blank slate for both modern and ethereal weddings. the space has lofty ceilings that are perfect for floral, drapery, or lighting installations, and its proximity to downtown and the harbor is ideal for classic charm city wedding photographs.

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the four seasons hotel
we’ve said it before, and we’ll say it again! we love the four seasons baltimore weddings. this is one of our all-time favorite venues because the views are just unbeatable. and when combined with the neutral palette of the hotel, it makes for the most beautiful backdrop for wedding photographs. the large windows allow excellent natural lighting for bridal prep and detail photos, the lobby is the perfect combination of modern and luxurious, and the rooftop is top notch.

chase court
for those who prefer historic flair, chase court is a wonderful option for quaint weddings. it looks a like a cool, old church and has a lovely interior, with white walls and vaulted ceilings. we particularly love the ivy and greenery surrounding the building!

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mt. washington mill dye house
we definitely couldn’t make a baltimore wedding venue list and not include the mt. washington mill dye house! it’s safe to say that mt. washington mill dye house weddings are unbelievable; this baltimore venue is quickly becoming iconic! the dye house is also a refurbished factory and has undeniable charm. it has the perfect mix of historical, industrial, and intimate vibes, and we love that it’s nestled in a more remote area of the city– away from the hubbub of downtown.

baltimore basilica
we can’t believe we were actually lucky enough to live one block away from this gem when we lived in baltimore! although it’s obviously not appropriate for couples from every background, this basilica has such significant historical meaning and is so beautiful. the cathedral’s details are exquisite, and we love the natural lighting that the cathedral gets!

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frederick douglass maritime museum
it’s a fact: frederick douglass maritime museum weddings offer gorgeous views and nautical vibes. if you’re interested in getting married on a dock on the iconic baltimore harbor, this is the place to do it! the reception space is a great size for more intimate weddings.

the belvedere
speaking of iconic, the belvedere hotel is absolutely a baltimore icon. this baltimore wedding venue is an excellent choice for an upscale or luxe wedding, with city views and classic ballrooms. and if you don’t get a photo in front of the famous “belvedere” sign on the street, did it even happen?!

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the hippodrome theatre
set in another iconic spot, the hippodrome theatre weddings are so versatile. from luxurious to quirky, this venue boasts baltimore history and uniqueness. we think it’s a perfect spot for any theater-loving couple or for anyone who wants something a bit off the beaten path.

sagamore pendry hotelĀ 
last, but certainly not least, on our list of baltimore wedding venues is the sagamore pendry hotel! this is a newer venue as well, but we are convinced that sagamore pendry weddings are not to disappoint! the venue offers gorgeous harbor views as well as an incredible ballroom for receptions. this venue is our pick for classic weddings because that beautiful molding in the ballroom cannot be beaten!

planning a baltimore wedding and don’t know where to begin? shoot us a line, and we’ll point you in the direction of some of our favorite maryland wedding planners and vendors. happy planning!!


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