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August 10, 2018

welcome, bebes! now photographing newborns || light and sweet, in-home newborn photos || the bourdons


in the past, we’ve specialized in d.c. and destination wedding photography and videography, which has brought us immeasurable amounts of joy. and don’t get us wrong, we still absolutely love that portion of our jobs. but as our own family has grown and changed, we’ve taken interest in capturing the progression from families of two to families of three (or four or five or ten!!!). being able to witness the adoration of new parents and all of those first, tiny smiles and yawns is simply heartwarming.

which is why we are so thrilled to announce a new section of our business: lifestyle newborn photos and films. we want to be there to capture these new, exciting stages of your little family’s lives. and by offering both photography and films, we’re able to capture the precious mannerisms of your newborn, as well as the sweet details of their nursery and those irreplaceable early interactions. if you’re expecting and want to capture these precious moments, shoot us a message, and we’ll chat about how to make your in-home, lifestyle newborn session absolutely perfect.

and this brings us to…
one of our first newborn sessions we ever photographed: sweet charlotte skye. this little family of three were nothing short of heavenly. we spent the afternoon in charlie’s nursery, as they loved up on their darling new girl. even though they had only been parents for a few days at this point, matt + emily were absolute pros. charlie was already so loved, and the connection she and her parents shared was obvious.

charlie girl has the porcelain skin of her mama and beautiful dark hair of her dad… and a dimple that she got from both parents! her mom decorated her nursery in the prettiest hues of neutral and blush, and that airplane shelf was actually part of her dad’s nursery when he was a baby! how cool is that?! it’s been so fun to watch charlie grow up and to see her family continue to love her. i was lucky enough to photograph and film her parents’ wedding a few months after we did this shoot, and let me tell you, those are one for the books too! i cannot wait to share.

but in the meantime, enjoy these photographs and the precious newborn film at the end. i dare you not to tear up!

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we love you bourdons!

anna + mateo


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