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April 23, 2017

a few frames from europe || spring 2017


bonjour! hola! halló!
you guys, we’re still alive and well over here. i don’t want my lack of presence on the blog to come across as a lack of interest, because, really, we’ve been working + exploring + loving life, and have so many beautiful photos to show for it! we had the best time on our trip to europe last month, and can’t wait to share more of the goodness with you (and some stories, like how we got stuck in an icelandic snowbank and were saved by two belgian cross-country skiers who hadn’t seen any other humans for two full weeks), but for now, i’ll just leave these little goodies here to get you all excited!

hope you’re all having the perfect spring! the weather is glorious here in d.c.! (come visit!!!)




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