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November 28, 2016

jenna + seyi // nigerian-american fusion wedding in baltimore


when we first face timed jenna and seyi to meet them and learn more about their spring wedding, we instantly fell in love with them and knew that we’d be so lucky to have the chance to work with them! filming their baltimore maryland wedding video was such an enriching and beautiful experience! seyi is from nigeria, and jenna is from the midwest, so they had two days full of cultural and religious celebrations, with the overall result being a joy-drenched fusion of beautiful backgrounds and lots of love. we were lucky enough to experience their nigerian wedding ceremony, followed by their american ceremony and big reception the next day. we loved the vibrant colors, hilarious wedding party, and getting to know this sweet couple.
jenna + seyi have such an amazing relationship; their care for one another is almost palpable. they were beaming the whole weekend and showed such kindness and grace to all who came to support them!

and it was so clear how beloved they are! they had guests come from across the world to celebrate with them; a group of real, live princes from seyi’s hometown even came to supper them!

we loved getting to know them, their cultures, and having the chance to film this sweet wedding and energetic fiesta!

j+s, thanks so much for choosing us to capture your day! we love you guys and will forever remember your wedding day (and our newfound appreciation for nigerian pop music!) so fondly!

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