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[pp_gallery id=”6933″ style-id=”6a5c4019-823e-43be-85dd-c5659858e1a8″]  2020 is proving to be a year full of surprises; i think this is something everyone can agree upon! with the worldwide pandemic and corresponding restrictions, many couples are having to change up their wedding plans. and even more are considering nixing the big bash all together and having a smaller soiree, […]

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when sam reached out to us about her greek orthodox wedding in baltimore, we were instantly intrigued. it was described as “my big fat greek wedding, but in real life.” um, heck yeah! plus lots of religious + cultural traditions? six hundred guests? a band flown in from greece? sign us up! but really, by […]

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maybe it’s because the temperatures here in d.c. are creeping down towards freezing, or maybe it is because this was one of my top favorite days as a d.c. wedding photographer, ever. but i’ve found myself thinking back to these great marsh estate wedding photos over and over again as of late! and when you’re […]

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from the first second i spoke with abby on the ¬†phone, i knew i really liked her. she exuded kindness and a happy energy, and so i was obviously thrilled when she hired us to photograph her washington, d.c. wedding at district winery. fast forward a few months, and i met up with her and […]

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