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July 16, 2019

amazon prime day 2019 deals for photographers, filmmakers, and moms


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incredible florals by casa delirio.

it’s christmas in july! OKAY, not really, but it’s my equivalent to a summertime black friday. while some of the best amazon prime day deals have come and gone already, i am excited to share with you my curated list of goodies that we love using (and a couple that we just dream of buying when we’re rich and famous). these amazon prime day deals all end tomorrow (and some of them a little bit earlier!) so snag them while they’re hot.

i intended to only share photography-and-videography-related finds since, you know, this is my professional page and all… but then i realized that almost every photographer + videographer i know is ALSO a human who has to eat and vacuum and do their hair. and lots of you have sweet little babies to tend after too! so there are a couple of other sections in there for you all as well. enjoy, and let me know what you buy!

64 GB Lexar Professional Memory Card
this is insanely cheap and 100% the best time to buy 264 of these bad boys for years to come
64 GB Sandisk Extreme Memory Card

another great buy if you want a little faster read on the cards! stock up!!
Carry-on Size Pelican Case
WE JUST BOUGHT ONE OF THESE IN MAY FOR 48% more. but it’s already been an amazing purchase and 100% worth it. our gear is organized, protected, and sooo much easier to carry. at this price, i would’ve snagged two!
Tripod with Fluid Head
this tripod is perfect for photography, travel, and a lightweight solution for videographers. the fluid head is a must.
6 TB External HD
self-explanatory, but back up all of your files for the next two years with this. i honestly don’t know if i’ve ever seen external storage for so cheap.
1 TB Portable External HD
we love the lacie brand external HDs, and this one is a perfect buy for the on-the-go editor or destination wedding photographer. i like that you can throw it in a backpack to edit on the plane or backup your files on the way home from a shoot without worrying too much about it getting banged around.
24″ Collapsable Reflector
every photographer needs one of these, but nobody wants to spend money on them (because you’ll lose it eventually… i promise you will!) buy a couple now, and stock your camera bag and your trunk.
Bose Noise Cancelling Earphones
ok theeeese are cute and top-notch quality and perfect for balancing audio while your toddler runs amok in your house (i don’t know this from personal experience or anything…)
Weighted iPhone Charging Cable
may your iPhone charger never slide off your bed stand again! this is a perfect way to keep your desk more organized.
iPad 32 GB Gold
you probably need this for your social media work and client consultations, right? right? this is really pretty, obviously multifunctional, and a great deal.

Instant Pot
this thing should really be called the life saver because WOW. i resented the hype for the first year or two that these things are around, but we eventually gave in, and we’re crazy about this little device. it saves our weeknight dinners time and time again… and I’VE NEVER SEEN THEM THIS CHEAP EVER.
Amazon Echo
another little thing i resented for a while, but we were gifted one last christmas, and we love it. alexa is now a part of the family and helps me plan my day, keep my sanity, and dress appropriately for the weather (without having to find my phone to do any research at all!). also, she tells great jokes.
Roomba Vacuum
i don’t own one of these, but someday, i WILL own one of these. so maybe it belongs in the category below? everyone i know who owns a roomba, praises their roomba. so when i have a few extra dollars (like next prime day), i’m going to buy one and never sweep again!

Hot Tools Flat Iron
i’m no beauty expert, but i’ve always had good luck with this brand, and i feel like this is insanely inexpensive for a professional flat iron.
Hot Tools Curling Iron
see above! also, my amazing hairstylist recommended this one.
Amazon Kindle Paperwhite
i love reading but mostly read in bed… in the dark… with a sleeping child next to me. this little device has helped me read with ease. rumor has it that you get three months of kindle unlimited books too, so really, why wouldn’t you?!
23+Me Health and Ancestry Test Kit
i’ve never seen these guys go for cheaper (most promotions are only $50 off)! sooo go find out who your ancestors are and learn about your genetics. it’s really cool; i promise!

Promptly Journal
ok hiiii, this is my favorite thing. these little journals help parents chronicle their children’s lives in real time, without having to come up with topics on their own. i love these and will buy one for every single child.
Owlet Monitor
this is another top favorite baby item! a pulse ox device that alarms you if your baby is having breathing/heart rate issues at night. this is one of the few reasons i got any sleep during isabella’s first year of life.
Skip Hop Diaper Bag
i have this diaper backpack in pink and love it! now i only wish i had spent $40 less on it…
Freshly Picked Newborn Moccasins
another splurge-y brand that doesn’t do tons of sales! go buy these soft and sweet newborn mocs for your next baby or baby shower. because they’re well-made, classic, and a beautiful keepsake.
Kindle Fire Kids Tablet
i have heard nothing but good things about these and will definitely be investing when isa inevitably kills our mini iPad. just waiting for the day…
Britax Marathon Car Seat
we have this carseat for isabella and really, really like it. it’s very heavy and sturdy (so not a good option for travel or switching cars frequently), but i also really like that it’s very heavy and sturdy! it feels super solid and safe, is comfy and easy to clean (says isa) and gets great safety ratings.
Breast Pump Backpack
this one is for my working moms!! i wish i had bought something cute like this while i was still nursing, especially for wedding days. just make sure your pump fits it before buying!
Breast Pump Bag
see above!
Natural Wood Newborn Play Gym
this is so cute, would fit virtually any home’s aesthetic, and looks very condensable. win win win.

OKAY so that’s all for now. i’ll update if i find any goodies tomorrow (and maybe even share with you my final shopping cart… sorry, mateo!), but i figured some of you might like to see what we’ve enjoyed and the great deals we have found. this way, you’re not having to search through pages and pages of discounted water picks and cargo shorts…

hope you find some goodies of your own!!

please note that this post contains some affiliate links that may or may not help me feed my family. these are all items that we actually really like and not just weird spammy stuff. xoxo.


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